Turbo Snake - Special Double Offer!

Turbosnake productUnclog Drains with Ease

You may have lots of headache opportunities today. Like, for instance, the garage door wouldn’t open, or the mailman didn’t leave the check, or, ugh, there’s stopped up water and an ugly smell coming from the bathroom. We can’t open your door or give you that check, but we certainly can quickly take care of that clogged drain. Turbo Snake does that job and it does it easily. All you have to do is glide it down the drain, give it a twirl, and pull out the messy hair clog. It’s that fast, it’s that easy, and you’ve just saved yourself at least one headache.


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Turbo Snake Works!

Even people who are not particularly handy around the house find it easy to use the Turbo Snake to remove hair clogs from sink, bathtub and shower drains. The head of the snake is equipped with tiny teeth that claw their way to the trouble spot and grab hold of clumps of hair. They extract the problem from the drainpipe and allow the water to freely flow once again. What makes Turbo Snake work efficiently is its flexible design. You don’t even have to remove the drain strainer or the pop up starter.


Save Money on Expensive Plumbers

Most plumbers we know are fine folks, but we still would like to avoid professional relationships with them. They get a tad expensive. That’s just another reason you will be pleased with the Turbo Snake. The Large Turbo Snake is only $10 plus $6.99 shipping and handling, and you will receive a Small Turbo Snake absolutely free. You’ll also get a free peel-and-stick hook for easy storage.


Let’s see here. Avoiding a headache, free flowing drains, no need to explain away suspicious smells coming from your bathroom – those would seem more than reason enough to hang a Turbo Snake in your utility closet. Add the fact that avoiding just one expensive visit from your friendly neighborhood plumber pays for Turbo Snake many times over.